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Aquaflow Logistics ltd area of expertise include Hydro-geological Surveys, Borehole drilling, borehole pump installation, solar water pumping systems, solar lighting systems and borehole services. In all these areas, we design, install and carry out maintenance of the systems.

Borehole Drilling

Our modern drilling equipment is capable of drilling in diverse geological formations.

borehole drilling services include:
  1. Hydrogeological Survey assessments and coordination of relevant permits
  2. Custom-designed water solutions
  3. Drilling and developing boreholes
  4. Test pumping and water quality analysis
  5. Servicing and water well equipping

Water Pump Installation

Aquaflow Logistics Ltd water pump installation team operate to the highest standards, no matter how big or small the installation. We frequently install pumping systems that we have designed and procured so that installation is just one step in a trouble-free project for the customer.

Pressed Steel Tanks & Towers

Proper design is an integral part of pressed steel tank construction. Our team of design engineers carry out comprehensive load analysis to ensure the resulting structures meet the BS standards.

Our scope of supply includes:
  1. Design
  2. Draughting and Layout
  3. Assembly and Installation
  4. Welding and laying of Pipelines
  5. Supply and Fitment of Electrical Controls
  6. Supply and Fitment of Steel Mezzanine and Walkways
  7. Supply of Ancillary Equipment
  8. Transport, Logistics, Carnage & Rigging

Borehole Solarization

Kenya has an enormous potential for solar energy. This provides a great opportunity to provide sustainable power. Our solar lighting systems, solar street lighting, power back-up systems and solar water heating systems provide this solution for domestic, community and industrial applications.

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Aquaflow Logistics Ltd provides a broad array of innovative Borehole drilling, water pumping, water storage, solar power and engine power technologies 

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